The Junior Leaders Training Camp 2010 was a great time of learning, experiencing and interaction for our Royal Rangers. Read the testimonies from the campers from Outpost #20, Queenstown Baptist Church. I also learnt to take care of my peers and team mates even more.As I was one of the oldest trainee there, I was more experienced […]

Junior Academy 2010 Application
January 15, 2010

Junior Academy trains men and boys how to operate a Junior Leadership Academy. Leaders and boys meet certain criteria before attending. Trainees will be taught organizational skills needed to run a district Junior Leadership Academy. Upon graduation trainees will be eligible to serve on the staff of any Junior Training Camp. The Junior Academy is […]

JLTA 2010 Applications
January 9, 2010

The Junior Leadership Training Academy will be held from 17-20 March 2010. There will be the following camps available for junior commanders; Adventure Training Camp (ATC) Junior Training Camp (JTC) Advanced Junior Training Camp (AJTC) Junior Survival Camp (JSC) Registrations is now open and seek more information and approval from your outpost commander. Sign up […]

JLTA Training Camps 2009
March 9, 2009

Junior Leaders Training Academy (JLTA) is holding several training camps during March 18-21, 2009. Applications forms for each camp is available. For more information, contact Mark Sng. AJTC (Application Form) ATC (Application Form) JTC (Application Form) JTT (Application Form, Trainee Invitation Letter)