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Levels of The Award



The participant must at least be 14 years old to be able to join the Award Programme. The minimum period of participation is 6 months.
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The minimum age to enroll for the Silver Award is 15 years old. The minimum period of participation is 12 months for direct Silver entrants and 6 months for those who have completed the Bronze Award.
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The NYAA Gold Award is the pinnacle of the NYAA Programme. The minimum age to enroll for the Gold Award is 16 years old. The minimum period of participation is 18 months for direct Gold entrants and 12 months for those who have completed the Silver Award. Gold Award participants must complete the various sections of the Award Programme, including the Residential Project.

[toggle title=”Diary Writing Guidelines”]RR-NYAA Diary Writing Guidelines

1. Date and hour
Make sure it meet the minimum requirement and tally with what written in the record book.

2. Entries details
There’s few way of doing it. Participants were expected to treat it like a diary writing, where they will reflect once they have completed that day activity. If not, participants can give a general note for each activities completed and towards the end of the journey for the section, they can give an overall reflection about the activities done.

3. Reflection
There’s no word limit to the reflection, what we would like to hear is interesting encounters by the participants, what they have done for that particular activity, their thoughts and feeling, also any improvement or achievement made.

4. Question and Answer approached
As an Award Co-ordinator, you may help your participants by providing series of question for the youth to reflect on. As they answer those question, it will become their reflection.

5. Style of presentation (Optional)
Participants can present their work in their own creative way. They may do up a scrapbook, include pictures in their diary, use drawing to illustrate their words etc. Although it’s optional for bronze and silver award, but it’s encouragable as it build up the habit of the participants, especially if they are going for the Gold Award. It will also be a good learning point where the participants will learn how to present their work in the most appropriate manner.