Trail of the Sabre


The Trail of the Saber is an award giving special recognition to rangers who take full advantage of the junior leadership development opportunities available in their outpost and district. The award acknowledges the growth in servant leadership experienced in this process, starting in Expedition Rangers.

[toggle title=”Requirements”] Leadership Merits
Earn eight leadership merits of any color (red, gold, or sky blue).

District Camps
Complete two district junior leadership training events, beginning with Junior Training Camp or above
Complete one additional district training event or an Action Camp
Serve as a junior staff member at one or more district junior training camps OR attend one additional district training event or an additional Action Camp.

Read all 72 leadership distinctives found in the Discovery, Adventure, and Expedition Rangers Handbooks. (There are twenty four distinctives in each handbook.)
Read the book Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley.

A young man may earn the Trail of the Saber after completing the 9th grade and before his 18th birthday OR before he graduates from high school (whichever comes last).
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