Gold Medal of Achievement

Every great challenge a youth accepts helps to build character, increase their determination to achieve, and improve their ability to set goals and fulfill them. The Gold Medal of Achievement (GMA) is a medal of great distinction and honor. It was first offered in 1964 and the tradition continues to this day. At this time, slightly less than 1% of the youths involved in Royal Rangers each year earn the GMA. As a result of its challenging merit trail, it is truly a coveted award for any Royal Ranger.

The key to progressing on the Advancement Trail is earning merits. Each merit has a colored border, indicating its color group. After completing a specific number of merits in the required color groups, the Adventure Ranger can earn one of the Advancement awards. For example, the Advancement awards leading to the Bronze Medal of Achievement are the Powder Horn, Bowie Knife, Tomahawk, and Long Rifle.

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