Leaders Make a Difference!

Leaders are key in the mentoring aspect of the Royal Ranger program. Royal Rangers Leaders help to guide the boys and girls in leadership, physical, mental, social and spiritual growth.


Leaders Get Trained!

Training programs are available from the National Office to equip leaders and raise the standard of Royal Rangers in the outpost

Leadership Training Academy


The importance of training adult leaders in Royal Rangers is important as a ministry. The leaders are required to complete their training to be empowered and equipped to deal with the challenges of the children, youth and ministry.


The Leaders’ Medal of Achievement (LMA) is earned by each leader after successful completion of learning modules, National Training Camp and first aid certification.

The required courses are;

  • Ranger Basics Course (RBC) – 8 hours
  • Discipleship 1 & 2 – 6 hours
  • Safety & the Church – 3 hours
  • Successful Outpost – 4 hours
  • Age-Specific Module (RK, DR-AR, ER) – 4 hours
  • Patrol Method – 4 hours
  • Elective Module – 2 hours

Practical training for leaders is in an activity and experential learning camp called, “National Training Camp” (NTC). It is  4 day, 3 night camp for leaders to gain first hand experience and skills of the Royal Rangers Ministry.

All leaders are also expected to undergo training and certification for Basic First Aid & CPR. License must be valid when applying for the LMA.

lma recipients


Contact the Leadership Training Coordinator for more information to get yourself and your fellow commanders trained and be ready!