FCF Trappers Brigade

The purpose of the Trappers Brigade is to promote Christian service among the FCF members by recognizing their involvement and participation in service to their church and fellow man. The Trappers Brigade encourages the involvement of FCF members not only in their local church, but also in their community and beyond (e.g., needs, projects, and organizations), in this way extending their Christian influence and testimony. The Trappers Brigade also encourages the involvement of FCF members in service world-wide including missions and civic duty.

Company Trapper

company trapper
50 hours of Christian Service


100 hours of Christian Service

Free Trapper

free trapper
150 hours of Christian Service


To participate in the Trappers Brigade program, you must first be an FCF member:

  • Shall be a member in good standing with his FCF chapter with dues being current
  • Is encouraged to participate in FCF events during the current year. The events may be Section, Division, District, Territorial or National. The events can be any FCF activity within an event such as participation in the Frontier Village during a Pow Wow, Camporama, Academy or other similar event.
  • Should be actively involved in his local church and Royal Rangers outpost
The FCF member need not have received his Buckskin or Wilderness status to qualify.

Service Points

Service points are accumulated when an FCF member volunteers his time (with no consideration for wages) in church, in community projects, in special needs organizations, or in humanitarian acts. He will receive one hour credit per hour of service including travel time. He continues to add his total hours together even after he has attained the next step. Points are approved after review of information provided to the Chapter FCF Trappers Brigade Review Committee.

Service Points are not intended for performing your responsibilities that you as a Royal Ranger normally should when you are serving in your ministry as a Royal Ranger or Royal Ranger Leader.

Service Projects

A donation of your time and talents to your church, community, district, region, nation, or abroad such as volunteering to work, serve, assist or help at or with activities, events, service projects and/or ministries (other than RR) at other than what is normally expected of you in your normal Royal Rangers or Royal Rangers leader area of responsibility.

Specific ministries of note are: AG US Missions and AG World Missions, Bronze-Silver-Gold Pathfinders, USMAPS (Missions America Placement Service), Builders International, AIM (Ambassadors in Missions), Convoy of Hope, and many other service and disaster relief organizations will be considered.

Check with your District Director or Chapter President for other considerations.

Steps of Recognition

The three steps of recognition and the accumulated hours needed to attain them are as follows:

  • Company Trapper-50 total hours
  • Bourgeois (pronounced boohz-wah’) – 100 total hours
  • Free Trapper-150 total hours
  • For each additional fifty (50) hours earned, the Free Trapper will receive a numeral to be placed on his Trapper Medal.

The FCF Trappers Brigade Review Committee will review the hours tabulated by the FCF members who qualify for recognition pins. Each FCF member needs to complete an application and submit the application to the committee. Pictures, letters, artifacts, items of interest, and things learned, enjoyed, or experienced should all be shared with the committee.

Young Bucks should complete the service under the supervision of an adult leader. The leader may be any adult who can sign the application and verify what was done by the applicant.