Expedition Rangers (15 – 18 yrs old)

Expedition Rangers (Secondary three and above) is considered a high action-packed adventure trail in which the boys and girls are further challenged by advanced camping, camp craft skills, and ministry opportunities. These activities offer boys and girls in this age group ways to become more self-reliant and develop confidence and a greater appreciation of God. Several advancement programs are available including Air Rangers, Sea Rangers, Trail Rangers, Junior Chaplaincy, High Action Rangers, Junior Leadership Academy opportunities and more. Boys and girls will be challenged to serve through Home Missions, Foreign Missions and Youth Ministry.

Expedition Rangers is the exciting ministry for the youth. It has four primary categories: Achievement through the advancement system to continue to earn awards. Leadership training skills through camps and working in Royal Rangers and Youth ministries. Service through a variety of ministry opportunities. Activities through high action activities that challenge them with adventure.

Each of the four categories is linked together with the “Spirit Challenge”, a weekly Bible study developed specifically for older teens. There are also over one hundred different silver merits providing tremendous options to learn different skills, participate in sports and youth ministries.

Royal Rangers is developing youth for the future through our four-phase strategy: Evangelism, Discipleship, Missions, and Ministry. Royal Rangers and National Youth Ministries encourage churches to provide both Youth ministries and Expedition Rangers for their teens. This can be accomplished by having the ministries on different days and will allow you many options as you participate in these excellent ministries.

For 15-17 Years Old

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Children come in all shapes and sizes. At Royal Rangers, we have specially designed program tracks for each age groups, even adult leaders!


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