Outpost #01 (Bethel A/G) Expedition Rangers Mission Trip 12 – 19th December 2018 Bacolod and Iloilo, Philippines The annual Expedition Rangers Mission Trip (ERMT) to Philippines is one that the Rangers and Commanders eagerly look forward to. Having established close relations with the pastors and churches there, the Filipinos have become akin to an extended family […]

The GMA Journey
October 1, 2015

What’s the journey like for the Gold Medal of Achievement (GMA) recipients? Watch as the 2015 GMA recipients – Cheryl Lim & Janelle Ng share their stories and words of encouragement to RR leaders.   Making a Servant Leader – Earning the Gold, Mentoring Unfolds One of the highest and distinguished awards a youth can […]

NYAA Gold 2013 Award Receipients
January 13, 2014

A recent article on the AG Times (Singapore) featured the 2013 RR-NYAA Gold Award winners; On November 6, 2013, two Royal Rangers youths, Daniel Ng and Joshua Yue, both 18 years old and from Outpost #12 in Potter’s Place Community Services, received the National Youth Achievement Award, a Gold Award from His Excellency, Dr Tony […]

Commander June Chia from Outpost #05 – Harborlight Church, received her NYAA Gold Award together with Commander Ivana Choo (Outpost #01 – Bethel A/G) from President Tony Tan at a ceremony recently. What does she have to share about her NYAA Gold Journey and advice to future Royal Rangers who will embark on a similar […]

YLA 2012 Reflections
April 6, 2012

  We thank God for all the YLA trainees in 2012. All the campers enjoyed their time learning new skills, working with new people and enjoying life in God’s natural creations.

Journey to LMA
January 25, 2012

Cmdr Edwin Ong of Outpost #12 is hearing impaired. But that has not stopped him from playing a role in his outpost and now, he and Ken Neo has earned their Leaders’ Medal of Achievement (LMA). Watch his testimony of how he overcame challenges with God’s help. This testimony was shared during the Leaders Council […]

Learning Spiritual Truths At DTC 2011
September 20, 2011

A testimony by a Discovery Training Camp Participant, Hannah Kwok of Outpost #20;   [blockquote]I participated in the Discovery Training Camp (DTC) in the year 2011 and have benefited much from it. I have learned responsibility, leadership, time-management and many others from the activities there, and I think it has been a very enriching experience […]

Discovering Salvation at DTC 2011
September 20, 2011

A testimony by a Discovery Training Camp Participant, Matthew Yeo (9 years old) of Outpost #20; [blockquote]I enjoyed the DTC because I like the campsite, food, commanders and games. In the camp, I learnt about how God saved His people. Together with my patrol team, I learnt about making songs, yells, and flag. We also […]

WCO: A Timely Evaluation & Thanksgiving
September 19, 2011

At the recent Leaders’ Rendezvous held on 7-10 September 2011, Royal Ranger leaders had the opportunity to attend the World Class Outpost (WCO) Seminar which aims to empower leaders to be effective and efficient members fo the Royal Rangers Mentoring Ministry to Youths. One leader, Commander Mark Sng from Outpost #11 shares his thoughts; [blockquote]I […]


This testimony was written by Commander Carrie Cheung, Outpost #05 | Harborlight Praise God for putting me in RR ministry and gave me opportunity to attend ANTC. I enjoyed so much in this camp with my fellow patrol mates, and all the commanders. It was not another NTC but to recognizing self mission in Royal […]


This testimony was written by Commander June Chia, Outpost #05 | Harborlight. Being pre-informed to prepare John 15:1-17 was actually rather stressful from the beginning but after a while of reading, it begins to take on a more enjoyable journey as I began to “study” the plants in the Bible. I also got to learn […]


This testimony was written by Commander Steven Chia, Outpost #10 | Grace A/G. Honestly, before I go for these ANTC I actually quite scared that I can’t make it thru becos I had to complete the pre-entry form on reflections and also need to submit to the camp. Somehow I managed to finish before I […]