The GMA Journey
October 1, 2015

What’s the journey like for the Gold Medal of Achievement (GMA) recipients? Watch as the 2015 GMA recipients – Cheryl Lim & Janelle Ng share their stories and words of encouragement to RR leaders.


Making a Servant Leader – Earning the Gold, Mentoring Unfolds
One of the highest and distinguished awards a youth can earn in the Royal Rangers (RR) program is the Gold Medal of Achievement (GMA). It is significantly challenging to achieve as only a handful have earned this award.  The GMA requires the completion of over 30 merits that aims to holistically build the physical, mental, social and spiritual parts of a youth. Yet, the journey in achieving the GMA is more than the merits and achievement they earn. It is a testimony of a life transformed progressively by God through mentoring from adult leaders of Royal Rangers.



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