Bohol Earthquake & Typhoon Relief
January 13, 2014

Royal Rangers Singapore has been called to rise up and aid  our brethren in the Philippines as shared in the recent AG Times (Singapore);



God gave us a heart of compassion for our fellow brothers and sisters in the Philippines.

Over the last year, Royal Rangers Singapore has been working to train leaders and assist in the formation of the Royal Rangers Ministry in Philippines. During one training session, leaders from Bohol and Tacloban, which is part of the Cebu Visayas district, attended and attested to the great opportunity to reach out to the multitude of children in that country.

But on October 15, 2013, the Bohol region was struck by a quake of magnitude 7.2. Reports from the Royal Rangers Philippines National Commander, Pastor Emerose Nemenzo, described the horror of the devastation and the destruction of the homes and lives. Many Pastors in the ravaged areas of Cebu, Leyte and Visayas had called her for help as their homes and churches were destroyed. Dozens of them were forced to live in emergency tent shelters in the aftermath. These tents provided little relief against the Super Typhoon Haiyan that came less than four weeks later. Both natural disasters exacerbated the living conditions of the people there.

During the annual Royal Rangers Singapore Leaders’ Council on November 17, 2013, the giving from the leaders raised nearly S$25,000 for the purchase of relief supplies and for the rebuilding of homes. The funds were sent to the AG District Council of Central Visayas and Lower Leyte District Council (CVLL). This money was the first wave of concerted effort to aid in the rebuilding of the Bohol’s churches, families and lives. Plans are underway to identify opportunities for our youth Royal Rangers and leaders to prepare for fund-raising projects, help in re-constructions and rebuilding homes, medical trips, mission trips, etc.

Please continue to pray for the people in the Philippines and for their Royal Rangers ministry. All throughout these regions, it is the same cry of desperation for help and respite for their physical and spiritual needs. Many have lost loved ones and struggle with the rebuilding of their lives and communities. We believe that the Royal Rangers leaders in the Philippines are ready to reach, teach and keep boys and girls for Christ even amidst all the challenges, in which they are facing— we would like to continue to stand together with them.

Read the full AG Times Issue 11/2014 here