FCF Induction 2011
November 1, 2010

The Singapore F.C.F. Raffles Chapter, will be conducting an induction (Phase 1) on 26 March 2011. Royal Rangers who have shown exceptional interest and outstanding achievement in the various local outposts are encouraged to apply for this coming induction. Interested Rangers should approach their respective Senior Commanders. As the criteria for the induction testing is rather stringent, Senior Commanders are advised to render careful consideration on the endorsement of your candidates. Please note that endorsement from your Pastor or Chaplain is also required. Kindly note the criteria stated in the application form. Successful applicants, for the Phase 1 induction, will be notified by the National Office by post at least 1 month prior Phase 1 testing.

Please check if you meet the requirements for application here.

All applications must reach the National Office by 31 Jan 2011 via post or by hand.

Kindly attention the mail to:
Raffles Chapter, Singapore
Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship
8 Lorong Bakar Batu #04-07
Singapore 348743