ANTC2010 Testimony – Encountering God
October 25, 2010

This testimony was written by Commander Steven Chia, Outpost #10 | Grace A/G.

Honestly, before I go for these ANTC I actually quite scared that I can’t make it thru becos I had to complete the pre-entry form on reflections and also need to submit to the camp. Somehow I managed to finish before I going to the camp next day. Although I’m the only one comdr from my outpost, but I still carry on with this ANTC and with God’s help I can make it. Amen!!

During my stay, I can feel the peace of God is with me and on the first nite especially when Ps Naomi Dowdy pray for every comdrs and when she came to me and pray for me which I never felt before, honestly I been a Christian for over 20years which I never slain before and that first nite also is my first encountered with God presence flow into my heart and fill me that was cool man, I really want to Praise the Lord. Amen. In these ANTC I have learn a lot especially each nite Pastor she shared in different messages and had taught me in different aspects.

First nite, is Abide in Christ, that how I can teach the boys and girls to understand and how to abide in Christ? As a leader I need to show our example to reflect on them cos they see me how I can abide in Him.

Second nite, is to stay connected, her message is to love and stay connected with Jesus so that I can have the connections and to love with the boys and girls and then we were have a good bonding and a good relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. Which is true and again as a leader I need to have the connection with God before others can feel the same. Amen!

Third nite, is to Bear fruit, as a self reflection is how to bear fruit, as a leader in order to help the boys and girls to grow and bear fruit for the Lord. I believe that continue to seek God and cling onto Him like the vine and I’m the branch, so I will do my best to impact the boys and girls to bear a good fruits for the Lord. Amen.

As for morning devotion, National Comdr shared about the Word of God, and it true if I don’t have the foundation for the word of God then I believe that I can’t teach, reach and keep the boys and girls for Christ. In his story about the plant of chilli seeds in the wild and at home the two differences of rooting in the ground, if I rooted in the wild I can go deeper and expand the ministry and if I rooted in the pot at home then I can’t expand and may not bear a good fruits becos of the limited area to grow deeper. So the moral of the story is to be rooted in the word of God and also to examine ourself at all times.

I would like to thanks the National staffs had come out with all these plan for ANTC and to equip us as a Comdr to understand better and strengthened every comdrs weaknesses. Also able to encourage one another and help us to come closer to God and overcome all fear. Thank you and May God continue to ministered to you guys work as a team as to reach out to each outpost as they will ministered too.

I pray to our Master Ranger that He will continue to strengthen one another and the Holy Spirit will always fill you all with joy and peace and love. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!!