ANTC2010 Testimony – Not Follow, Lead
October 26, 2010

This testimony was written by Commander Carrie Cheung, Outpost #05 | Harborlight

Praise God for putting me in RR ministry and gave me opportunity to attend ANTC. I enjoyed so much in this camp with my fellow patrol mates, and all the commanders. It was not another NTC but to recognizing self mission in Royal Rangers ministry.

I learned new skill of communication with God and people. I learned also the deeper understanding of love; love is not about Carrie’s love but the great love of God. Loving people is not in my way but His way.

I like the hiking at Pulau Ubin. Never do I imagine myself able to walk more than 5km with this pair of injured leg. On my way back to the jetty, the bag is heavy yet my heart is so light. I was physically tired yet spiritually energetic. I could create songs and yell. That surprised me. I realized once I geared up myself, contributed my idea, I was motivated to do it better and desire to do more. But if I were passive, I would not be able to enjoy the entire hiking. I thanks God for the positive spirit in me.

Killing frog and Eel was my first experience in my life. Pushing myself to hold the live frog was like taking the sword and force myself to run to the enemy to fight for the victory. I broke through the wall (wall of fear), marched in (went near the frog), attacked (grab and hold the frog), fought (smacked the frog). Not giving any chance for the enemy to be alive and attack me (the frog eyes were still opened big and struggled), I fought again (smacked again till the frog vomit blood). Then I am sure God took it home and I started to do the dissection (skin peeling, organ removing, head chopping, etc).This is not merely a survival skill training, but also spiritual training. To overcoming fear is to take the step out and be bold. This was a bloody training yet it was memorable. I will remember how I take courage to take the step out.

The last campfire was wonderful. During the prayer before the 10mins time alone with God, He showed me a picture of a building, it was at first in the dark but each unit gradually lighted up and finally the whole building was bright and glamorous. When come to the time alone with God, He told me that this picture was about myself. Afterward we walked through the way towards the campfire, every picture of the children was in zoom, and it looked like they were calling me for attention. The hopeless child, the addicted child, the lost child, etc were like waving at me. I knew then God was calling me to reach out to those needy children, bring hope and light of the Lord to them. I need to equip myself, prepare myself to help them out.

In the last day devotion with Commander Julie, her warning hit my heart that this camp was not for the follower but for the leader.

God is calling me to reach out the children, help them out; He is equipping me to teach and keep the children. ANTC helped me to be aligned with my destiny in the Lord, and showed me the clear picture of the mission I am going ahead. Praise the Lord for ANTC.

Praise God for all the camp commanders. Thanks for not pushing and urging us like NTC but gently reminding and advising us on the area to improve. Thanks for inviting Rev Naomi Downy to be our speaker and gear up our spirit. Thanks for giving us an easy trail for hiking and non-active frog and eel to kill. Else, we will need more time for inner healing. Last but not least, thanks for the last campfire set up. It was such a wonderful and powerful campfire. I saw that there was a path way going from the heaven down to the altar behind the worship leaders while we were worshiping. God’s presence was with us. Holy Spirit has flown through us. Here I tried to picture it out what I saw that night.

Thanks all the camp commanders for the works and efforts.

3 Cheers for all the commanders!!!