ANTC2010 Testimony – Affirmations From God
October 26, 2010

This testimony was written by Commander June Chia, Outpost #05 | Harborlight.

Being pre-informed to prepare John 15:1-17 was actually rather stressful from the beginning but after a while of reading, it begins to take on a more enjoyable journey as I began to “study” the plants in the Bible. I also got to learn more of my “appointment” in the Royal Rangers family, that I am appointed to share of His goodness and blessings to the young ones around me.

During this camp, I saw before my own eyes, if God wants me to go through something, He will surely make a path for me. All I have to do, is to trust Him and Praise Him. On day one, the weather was bad and it got really heavy when we wanted to start on building our camp-site, we had to push forward the classes for the day. Almost right after our lessons, the rain stopped and we were given quite a bit more time, to build our own campsite and to have cooked dinner by the end of that time. On the last day of camp, God provided the sun, in order that our tents and our equipments could dry before our storing them. Although it was really hot, that was the only time in the whole camp, we experience scorching hot weather as the other times of the camp, it was rather cloudy.
On day 2, I got really really tired and was on the verge of giving up because it has been sometime since I last camp with SO many activities at hand and still having to attend lessons and all. However, it was with the little fighting spirit that God has given to me, and that I wanted to hear more from God, that I thank God for His goodness upon my life and the strength He gave me that was sufficient for the each day that passed, that I was able to cling onto Him like a daughter cling on to her Father when she is tired. He never let me go, which is why I am a graduate of ANTC to-date.

In the camp, God affirmed His prophesy over my life and my Ministry. I was reminded once again to be a triathlete for God, to keep running forward while focusing my eyes on God. God spoke to me, about the negative experiences I had gone through in my younger days, and I thank God for He reminded me that He will never put me through any situation, which He has no use for. In this case, it was to continue to be a living testimony of how God has impacted my life ever since I accepted Him into my life, despite the many negative moments in my life before. He did not change my life for the better but He got me to see the better of life with Him and not how “sad” my life was. By my act of running for God, I pray that the many young ones will also be encouraged to pursue God relentlessly and be determined to live life, according to our Master Ranger’s Will.
I thank God for a great team from the Patrol level, to camp level as well as even with the Nationals. It tells me that when we are focused to Reach, Teach & Keep young boys & girls for Christ, He will also unite us together in Spirit and in Truth and I am glad and proud to be part of the Royal Rangers!