The Emblem – More than just an Emblem… A Lifestyle!
July 16, 2010

This article was written by Dilys Jiang, a Royal Ranger from Outpost #01 – Bethel A/G. She is a commander with the Discovery Rangers group. Here, she shares her thoughts on What it means to live by the Ranger code….

I remember when I was a Trailblazer girl and was about to get my first set of uniform. I was made to memorise the four gold points, the four red points, the eight blue points, the rangers pledge, the rangers motto and the golden rule. I say with pride that up till now, i still remember them. Of course along with the new program, there was a little tweak to the motto.

Well my point of this note is that I think somewhere along the way, we’ve forgotten to emphasize on these points. most imptly, the rangers pledge, because it covers the code and golden rule.
When handling my DR kids, I often have to drill in them these blue points: honest, courteous and obedient. not that the rest are not important; They definitely are as important. But in different situations, I remind them of the different points. For instance in a normal program, I bring up the point on honesty when they’re tempted to copy each other’s advancement worksheets and courteous comes in when they’re using unkind words on one another. That is a major no-no. Obedient comes in when they refuse to follow instructions etc.
I must say though, that instead of just drilling in on a few points, I need to let my kids memorise all the 8 points, because then that’s how they grow correctly, in all aspects.
As I grew up in the program, I learnt to ask myself if I’m actually a true-blue Royal Ranger. I learnt that being a royal ranger isn’t about attending program on Saturdays, attending training camps, serving in fund-raisings, cleaning up after events, participating in caroling, helping out at CCIS. There are more, of course, but doing all these don’t make me a Royal Ranger. I’ve learnt to check against the Rangers pledge. No, I’m not a Saint, I won’t claim that I’ve successfully been living out the pledge.
But you know what? God knows exactly which are the areas we’re weak in, which are the areas the devil will use to attack us. And as long as we commit ourselves to our Master Ranger, we will be able to live victoriously and be called a Royal Ranger with pride.
I don’t want to be called a Royal Ranger, and then I squirm in my seat because I know I don’t live up to it. My Master Ranger in me is greater than he who is in the world, and therefore I can strive to live by the Ranger code, and to make the golden rule my daily rule. and the pledge says WITH GOD’S HELP. Obviously we cannot achieve these on our own, we need our Master Ranger’s partnership.
Are you a Royal Ranger reading this? Today I challenge you to commit to memory the Eight Blue Points of the emblem (also known as the Ranger Code, if I’m confusing you by now), and the Ranger pledge. and I go on to challenge you further. More than just memorising, more than just reciting, live out your life as a true blue Royal Ranger.
In today’s world especially, when we speak and act without much thinking, I challenge ourselves to live by the Ranger code, in order to be salt and light in the world. not for our own glory, not for anyone, not for anything, but solely for our Master Ranger alone. Because all these are done WITH GOD’S HELP, so God alone deserves the glory.
Let’s do our Master Ranger proud. now, are you a Royal Ranger reading this? (: