JTC 2010 Reflections by Outpost #20
April 22, 2010

The Junior Leaders Training Camp 2010 was a great time of learning, experiencing and interaction for our Royal Rangers. Read the testimonies from the campers from Outpost #20, Queenstown Baptist Church.

I also learnt to take care of my peers and team mates even more.As I was one of the oldest trainee there, I was more experienced in carrying out labour intensive tasks such as cooking and preparing the fire. Even though we were not the patrol guide, I learnt that we all were leaders in our own rights, by going the extra mile to help others, we can make the camp easier and more enjoyable for everyone,we might not be as experienced but our contributions were as important as anyone else’s. – Darryl Lim

God’s presence was very real and evident to all of us during the camp. The council fires greatly spoke to me about actively remaining faithful to God in whatever good works He has called me to do. I believe that when we hold fast to God, He will show Himself to be faithful and true no matter what the circumstance and no matter what storms we feel we are facing in life. – Janessa Sit

I thank God for opening my mind to accept the challenges faced in my way, and changing my perspective in whole towards this camp. It was my attitude that resulted in a fruitful camp, having fun with my younger team mates, learning from them as they learn from me. This was definitely a enriching camp for me as it enhanced my camp craft skills, teaching me how to work as a team, regardless of race and age, and also, aiding me to be closer in my walk with God. – Yasushi Takeuchi

The commanders were very helpful and nice to us and we got to know them a lot better through the camp. They were very caring people and were also happy to see us have fun. – Gracie Lim

Download and read their full testimonies here.