ATC 2010 Reflections by Outpost #20
April 22, 2010

The Adventure Training Camp 2010 was a great time of learning, experiencing and interaction for our Royal Rangers. Read the testimonies from the campers from Outpost #20, Queenstown Baptist Church.

To my surprise and delight, however, I had so much fun at the ATC camp. Although the schedule was very tight and we were constantly being yelled at by our commanders, I really enjoyed the company of many new friends from all over Singapore. Throughout the camp, the presence of God was really great and I learnt a lot about the Holy Spirit, including a very personal encounter with the LORD.  – Ong Wei Xin
Through this camp, I have really learnt a lot about the Holy Spirit. I am glad that God has allow us and had taken away all obstacles that may have prevented me from going to this camp, and to learn and grow closer to God.  – Krystal Kong
I learnt skills like cooking, rope craft, proper handling of tools and many more. The camp was physically challenging but fun. Although there were many things to complete, our patrol gave our 100% effort and managed to complete the tasks on time. – Beatrice Tjin

Everyone in ATC has the gold medal of achievement. That is because everyone worked together in their own group and has the correct requirements for it. We needed to have lots of teamwork if not we would not be able to achieve it. We also needed to cheer loudly so that everyone would be able to hear.  – Kasumi Takeuchi, 13

I learned that teamwork is always essential to get the job done. You will never be able to set up a tent all by yourself, neither will you be able to your yell or your song on your own without any of your other group mates doing too. Teamwork also help us to bond with one another more in our patrols as one of the objectives of this camp is to make new friends. It gets things done much faster too! – Isabel Sng, 14

Download and read their full testimonies here.