Paintball Merit
February 21, 2010


Dear ER Commanders

Courtesy of Outpost #12 (Eternal Life – kudos to Cmdr Daniel Yue & his ERs!) which did up an enjoyable paintball session with his ERs last year.

Paintball is a new silver merit documented in the US RR website. He also added this as part of the NYAA achievement.

There is the powerpoint slides on paintball (with teaching material on the note section) and the paintball scoring format which outpost 12 had painstakingly created and you may want to consider running for your outpost ER activity and using their lesson material.

3 places to call for actual paintball game. Organisations details here (

This is the actual association in Singapore:

In the spirit of sharing, if your outpost does consider Paintball as a merit to pursue, do let me know so I can possibly flag out to other outpost who may want to co-join you or just come in for the game. (eg- #12 is keen to have another round of the actual game.)

Cmdr Mark Sng
National ER Coordinator

Paintball Merit Requirements [PDF]

Paintball Merit Lesson [PPTX]

Paintball Merit Score [XLS]