Event Reports
Rafting at Western Pow-Wow 2009
December 27, 2009


In this camp, I learned how and what sea rafting is. Being able to sea raft, first is to have water confidence which is to trust that the water is safe. Then you must know how to move with the life jacket on. I enjoyed the food most as I do not eat most of the food on my plate at home. I learned from Nicholas the ‘real’ way of saying ‘Hello’. I found out one of my talents is sports! I gained more courage and bravery. Being able to be in this camp is special as we learned to clear trash, wash our plates, take care of our belongings and trust in our friends. The last game needed teamwork and I learned more about how to work as a team. I now know the treasure that God gave us—ourselves. Everybody is special and no one in the world is the same as you.

Bryan Wong, Outpost 17