Camporama Experience
July 17, 2008

Before I start sharing how wonderful this year’s Camporama has been for me, I must confess, I actually did not plan on going for the event. I was afraid of not having any company during the camp, as most of my good friends from my outpost were not attending this camp. Nonetheless, the flyer convinced me that the camp was something I could not miss. Still hesitant, I settled for signing up as a junior commander instead of a participant in the end.

I was very excited and nervous at the same time. Millions of thoughts were running through my mind, questions like, ‘Will my patrol be a bunch of fun kids?’, and ‘Is it a good idea to stay over?’ resurfaced in my head. After my doubts had finally convinced me that I had better go home, it was too late. The bus our outpost chartered had already reached Christ Church Secondary School.

With no other choice, I embraced myself for the experience of a lifetime. I got to know my patrol pretty well and also made a few new friends on the first day. The patrol I was in charge of was Adventure Rangers and they were extremely enthusiastic and fun. I enjoyed their company and every day of the camp, I missed the time that had passed, and couldn’t wait for more and more activities. The myriad of activities offered was mind-boggling. When it came to deciding on which activities to sign up for, our patrol had a really hard time, as we wanted to go for practically all the activities that were offered. Certainly, I truly experienced the mental, social and physical part of Royal Rangers.

As for the spiritual part of the whole camp, it was another experience altogether for me. I completely realized and understood my significance in Christ and how much I meant to Jesus. Even if I were the only one on this Earth, our Lord would still have died for me. After the first night service, I went up for an altar call, and felt the presence of God like I had never before. It was truly an experience.

All in all, the camp was definitely something I did not miss. I was so sad when it ended. I couldn’t believe I had even hesitated signing up! This camp not only allowed me to have fun and just plain fellowship with the rangers in my outpost, but also let me experience God in a way I had never before. I definitely did not regret going for the camp at all. I can’t wait for the next Camporama!

– by Janessa Sit, Junior Commander, Outpost #20