RR-NYAA Scheme

In Singapore, the National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) is an exciting personal challenge to young people aged between 14-25 years old. It is a nationally and internationally recognised award (through the The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award International Association). NYAA aims to develop and maximise the potential of young people through selfless community service, challenges of adventure, skills development and physical recreation so that they may be exceptional individuals who can contribute effectively to their communities, society and the nation.

As one of the operating authorities for NYAA, Royal Rangers Singapore can function as award coordinators for youths working towards their awards. Through the Royal Rangers program, youths can work towards achieving this award in parallel with the Royal Rangers awards.


First Gold Award Recipient

Commander Heah Yong Chian is the first Royal Ranger to receive the NYAA Gold Award through the RR program. In a ceremony held on 28 October 2011, Yong Chian received his award from His Excellency, Tony Tan, President of the Republic of Singapore.

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RR-NYAA in Straits Times

RR Singapore was in the news with Adventure Ranger Joel Tan being featured in the Straits Times of 17 August 2011. He had just received his NYAA Bronze medal and gave the speech at the ceremony of his experience.

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About the NYAA

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Significance of the RR-NYAA Scheme

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Background to the RR-NYAA Scheme

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Contact the Royal Rangers NYAA coordinator for more information on including the NYAA in your outpost or if you want to join Royal Rangers as part of your NYAA journey

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